Frequently asked questions

How does Strongweek work?

When you have a task, goal, or priority, hit the “+” button. Then assign your task to a time period: today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, this year, next year, or later. (Later means anything after next year.) You’ll be able to view your assigned tasks for each time period by selecting that time period from the home screen.

How is Strongweek different from other weekly planner or calendar apps?

Strongweek is the only app that lets you assign tasks to categories like "next week" and "next month" rather than specific dates. This method helps reduce stress and procrastination by creating a natural way to prioritize your to-do list.

How do I get the most out of Strongweek?

Add tasks quickly wherever feels right. Check Today whenever you’re ready to work on your To Do list. That’s where your highest priority tasks will be. Don’t have anything in Today? Get a head start on Tomorrow or check This Week. For the best results, make it a habit to check Today every day. Pick the category that works best for you, and don't worry about missing anything in other sections - tasks will move up automatically as time passes.

Will tasks move as time passes?

Yes! Strongweek knows when the end of each day, week, month, and year is. Your tasks will move automatically. If you add a task to This Month on January first, you'll see it in Next Week a couple weeks later. After a week, it'll be in This Week. On the last day of the month, you'll see it in Today.

Will Today’s tasks show up in This Week? Will This Week’s tasks show up in This Month?

It’s up to you. Go to the settings menu (top right corner of the home screen) to select which Time Periods you would like to include sub-Time Periods.

What happens if I lose my phone or delete the app?

Strongweek syncs with iCloud, so you should still have access to your tasks on your new phone. You can also enable Reminders Integration. If you choose to disable iCloud backup and do not enable Reminders Integration, and you delete and reinstall the app, you may risk losing access to your tasks.

When does "This Week" start? (Sunday or Monday?)

The week starts based on the settings in your phone.

Does Strongweek have dark mode?

Yes, the app will switch automatically based on your phone settings.

How do I edit tasks once I've made them?

Tap on the task!

Where are my completed tasks?

When you mark a task complete, it'll remain in its assigned view till the end of that time period. Then it will move the All section at the bottom of your screen. You can use the gray settings bar at the top to sort through all your completed tasks.

Why can't I find my task?

As time passes, tasks will move to the correct category. So for example, if you add a task to This Week on the last day of the week, you'll find it in Today. Completed tasks also move, but they end up in the All view at the end of their time period.

Can I import tasks from a different app?

To import or export tasks, enable Reminders integration. Alternatively, follow the steps in our Getting Started page.

Do you have a gif of a pug using Strongweek?

Can I use Strongweek with Siri?

If you enable Reminders integration, you'll have all the same features that you get in Apple Reminders.

Can I enable repeat tasks?

Yes, if you enable Reminders integration, you'll have all the same features that you get in Apple Reminders. However, Strongweek is intended to be fast and simple. To set a task to repeat, find it in Apple Reminders.

If I enable Reminders integration, can I choose which Reminders lists my tasks are added to?

Yes, you can select which list to add tasks to, or tell the app to default to your default Reminders list.

Does Strongweek have reminders and notifications?

Strongweek is designed to be unobtrusive. You check your tasks when you want to. However, if you enable Reminders Sync, you can take advantage of Reminders notifications.