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ADHD vs. Reminders on Your Phone

Why your to-do list app can't beat Attention Deficit and what to do about it.

Those reminders on your phone help sometimes... a little. But by now, you've learned to ignore them. Notifications are just background noise. You've trained yourself to to tune out everything that isn't a text message.

If anything, your to-do list app or calendar is a little stressful and annoying. All those notifications are overwhelming. Overdue tasks and missed calendar appointments give you anxiety.

Everyone has this problem, but it's worse for you. You have the attention span of a goldfish. You might see a reminder on your phone, but five seconds later, you're distracted again.

I know how you feel. It's why I started Strongweek.

To Combat Attention Deficit, Reduce Notifications on Your Phone

When you struggle with attention deficit, it's tempting to set reminders for everything. If you don't set reminders, you'll forget things.

The problem? Pretty soon, you have so many reminders that you learn to ignore them. Worst of all, too many reminders can make you feel stressed out. When you add everything to your phone, you lose track of what's most important. Urgent tasks and notes get buried in a flood of checklists.

What if you did the opposite? What if you could reduce notifications on your phone? Cut Distraction. Avoid irrelevance.

What if you only got a few notifications a day, and you knew they were the most important?

Strongweek is iOS Tasks Planner app for Attention Deficit and ADHD

Strongweek doesn't work like other tasks apps and planners. You don't have to set reminders and due dates. Instead, you give tasks intuitive categories like "tomorrow" or "this year." It's natural and intuitive. Strongweek takes care of the rest.

If you add a task to "this year," it will move up in priority over time. That way, you won't forget to do it. Wait long enough and you'll see your task in "next month" then "this month." By prioritizing tasks this way, you'll be able to focus on just what's due today, tomorrow, or this week. You can choose which list you like best, and check it when you have time.

Best of all, Strongweek lets you sync with iOS Reminders and iCloud, to ensure that you never lose your tasks.

Don't believe it?

Before I tried Strongweek, I didn't think anything could solve my attention problems. I was distracted all the time. There were too many things to pay attention to. The only way you're going to really see how well Strongweek works is to try it yourself.

I'd say we have a money-back guarantee, but the app is already free. Instead, I'll make you this promise: if you try it and it doesn't work for you, send me a message. I'll help you learn how to use Strongweek to build a less distracting, more impactful to do list.

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