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How to See All Your iOS Reminders Due This Year

You can arrange all your Apple Reminders by week, month, and year with Strongweek.

By default, the iOS Reminders app puts your tasks in lists. If you want, you add dates to each task. But, is there a way to see all the tasks you have planned this month?

You could create lists in iOS Reminders labelled "This Year" and "Next Year" and add all your tasks for each year. But, if you want to see your week's tasks every month, that could get tedious.

Instead, try Strongweek — the weekly tasks planner agenda app for iOS. You can use Strongweek by itself as a standalone app that let's you assign tasks to categories like "This Year" and "Next Year." Or, you can enable iOS Reminders sync to connect your Reminders.

Try Strongweek, free on the iOS App Store.

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