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"Learn More" is boring. Let me prove it.

The words on your site's Call-to-Action buttons are more important than you'd think.

Marketers spend hours workshopping titles. We A/B test email subject lines. We run blog titles through keywords tools. We show website hero messages to focus groups.

Then we look at that all-important button right beneath it all — the button we need our audience to click — slap "learn more" on it, and call it a day.

In marketing, we have an expression: no one buys a drill . They buy the hole the drill makes. Everyone should own a good drill, but unless you work in construction, you've never wanted to "learn more" about one.

Let's say you're looking for a drill to help you build your daughter a treehouse. Your big concern: it's got to be sturdy.

Which do you click?

How many times have you used "lean more" or its frumpy cousins:

  • Download

  • Request Information

  • More Info

  • Free Trial

Learn how to make unique and compelling CTA button text.

To write a unique, compelling Call-to-Action, you need to tap into your audience's "why" — their goals, values, fears, and motivations.

Why a drill? A hole. Why a hole? A screw. What kind of screw? A screw that won't give out when it's holding up a treehouse. Why a treehouse...?

Memories that last a lifetime.


Do you want to write that kind of CTA button? Check out my free CTA generator tool for inspiration.

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