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"Marie Kondo" your to-do list.

How the Strongweek Method takes a KonMarie -like approach to tidying up your planner.

The world was simpler in 2014. For proof, I point to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. A book about cleaning your home became a world-wide best-seller. It spawned a TV-show and inspired millions to toss out possessions that didn't "spark joy." It's author, Marie Kondo, became an overnight celebrity.

Marie Kondo's methods were simple.

  1. Gather your possessions together one category at a time, starting with clothes.

  2. Hold each item in your hands one at a time.

  3. Discard any items that didn't bring you a feeling of happiness. This includes the books you feel guilty for not reading, and the ugly sweater you hate but hold onto because it was a gift.

  4. Say "thank you" to each item before letting it go.

The "KonMarie Method" worked because the end result was that you were surrounded by only those things that made you happy. What better way to feel happy than to get rid of everything that makes you feel negative emotions like stress and guilt?

The Strongweek Method is like the "KonMarie" method for to-do lists. It's a way to tidy up your mental (and digital) space. The end result, if you do it right, is that you'll see only the tasks that will bring measurable improvement to your life this week. You'll see the tasks that motivate and excite you. You won't exact discard anything, but unwanted tasks will no longer hang over your head in quite the same way.

The Strongweek Method is simple.

  1. Gather your upcoming tasks into one category at a time, starting with the most urgent - "Today."

  2. Move the rest of your tasks into these categories: tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, etc based on how important they really are.

  3. Focus on moving tasks backward, not forward. Try to keep you this week list under 5 items.

  4. Discard any tasks that are unnecessary and stress you out. Like the KonMarie Method, this includes the books you feel guilty for not reading or the projects you feel guilty for not starting. You can delete them, or move them to your "someday" list.

You can do this with a whiteboard or a bullet journal. Of course, the easiest way to KonMarie your to-do list is the Strongweek app for iOS. You can download it here. With Strongweek, your new, minimalist to-do list will keep your tasks in the right categories as time passes. That way way, you can focus on the tasks that are most important each week. Maybe, that's tidying up your home. Maybe it's something. Just be sure it sparks joy.

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