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The Best Weekly Agenda and Planner Apps for iOS, Ranked

We looked through the iOS App Store and gathered all the weekly agenda, weekly planner, and weekly to-do list apps in one place. All the apps in this list include at least one primarily week-based function. Most show your current week’s tasks on their home screen. Some are regular to-do list and calendar apps with a strong focus on weekly tasks.

The Best Weekly To-Do List Apps


Full disclosure, we’re the makers of Strongweek, so we’re biased. But, out of all the mobile apps in this list, we believe Strongweek is the most unique. Strongweek is also one of the only mobile apps we’ve found that categorizes tasks by categories like This Week and Next Week.

Strongweek also syncs with Apple Reminders, which makes it extra easy to import your tasks from another platform if you’d like.

Get it here.

Weekly Task Planner

Weekly Task Planner by Stephen Riding doesn’t have the same functionality as Strongweek. Like nearly all tasks apps, it’s functionality primarily revolves around specific dates. However, with its clean, intuitive interface and a home screen focused on your week’s tasks, it’s a solid contender for one of better weekly planners out there.

Get it here.


Tweek by Scada Sia is one of the most visually appealing, minimalist to-do list apps you’ll find. Lost most planners, tasks are still assigned due dates rather than weeks and months. But, if you like due dates, its clean interface helps you get a great view of your week at a glance. In some ways, it’s a lot like using tasks in your Google Calendar. In fact, it even syncs with Google Calendar.

Tweek your to do list.

Tappsk: Daily Schedule Planner

It may have “daily” in the name, but Tappsk makes this list because it’s one of few apps with some similar functionality to Strongweek. Tappsk allows users to view all the tasks due today, tomorrow, and this week. It doesn’t have categories like next month, and it still relies primarily on due dates, but it makes up for some of those shortcomings with a beautiful interface.

Get Tappsk Here


With its “next seven days” feature, Todoist works similarly to Tappsk. It’s still due-date focused (without the flexibility of Strongweek) but if you want to see next week at a glance, Todoist ain't bad.

Get Todoist Here.

Remember the Milk

Like Todoist, Remember the Milk relies on due dates rather than urgency or priorities to categorize your tasks. But its many integrations and clean interface make the list.

Don't Forget the Milk


Things by Culture Code doesn’t technically have a “this week” option. But, their “upcoming” feature is close enough.

Try Things

Project Management and Team-based Tools Like Asana, Clickup, and Monday

Team-based project management tools offer some of the best alternatives to standard to-do list apps. With their advanced automations, you can create your own versions of Strongweek. But, be warned: these apps are usually too complex to achieve the same fast task prioritization that Strongweek does.

This Week

With it’s “past,” “current,” “next,” and “later” views and a great weekly to do list view, This Week is a strong competitor for apps like Remember the Milk and Todoist. However, it still requires thinking about dates rather than time-periods and priorities, so don’t expect it to replace an app like Strongweek.

Try it this week.

Listberry - Agenda Planner

In many ways, it’s a standard daily to-do list app, but Listberry makes the cut because of its unique Monthly Goals and Notes and Weekly Goals and Notes section. It also boasts a beautiful, minimalist design.

It's a berry good app.

Honorable Mentions

This Week Weekly To Do List


Other Weekly To Do List Apps

These are the apps that didn’t make the cut. I didn’t personally enjoy using them, and didn’t think they made my life any easier. However, everyone’s experience is different.

  • Microsoft To-Do

  • Week Planner To Do List, Diary

  • Get Week Planner To Do List, Diary Here

  • Week Planner To Do List

  • Get Week Planner To Do List Here

  • Business Agenda: Organizer

  • Get Business Agenda: Organizer Here

  • Pocket Agenda: Organizer

  • Get Pocket Agenda Organizer Here

  • Week Plan Organize Your Life

  • Disorganize Your Life

  • Week Agenda Ultimate

  • Link

  • DoWeek Never Forget Anything

  • Weekly To Do List

  • Anyplan Time Schedule Planner

  • Weekly To Do: Goal You Do

  • Productivity: Daily Planner

  • To Do Reminder with Alarm

All ratings and reviews are the subjective opinions of the author and reflect my personal experience. Your opinions and experience may be different. If you think we’ve made a mistake or should give an app another look, please reach out. This list is also not comprehensive. There may be more apps that you believe should be on here. If so, please reach out.

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