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Your New Productivity Hack: Procrastination

How the Strongweek Method turns procrastination into prioritization.

"With great prioritization comes great motivation." - Spiderman after using Strongweek

I have a theory about procrastination. I blame cavemen. You can learn more about that theory here. But wait! Don't go. There's more. Today we're making procrastination work for you. I'm so excited about this one I'm not even putting it through Grammarly. (So pardon the typos.)

If you struggle with attention deficit, procrastination, overwhelm, or distraction, this one is for you. I'll admit I wasn't always a productive person. I couldn't keep up with all the phone calls and paperwork and gym memberships that come with proper adulting. But that's why I'm so pumped about Strongweek. It made me a productivity machine.

So here's the thing. Getting stuff done normally works like this:

Step 1: A task comes up. You write down somewhere -- probably your phone.

Step 2: Another task comes up -- then another one -- then another one.

Step 3: Your phone goes "bzzzt bzzzt" constantly and you ignore it, because your to-do list is stressing you out. There's so much stuff in that planner app and 90% of it... you don't want to do.

Wanna make a bet?

I bet... there's at least one thing in your to-do list you've been suuuuuper putting off.

The more you ignore it the worse it gets.

Here's the thing: you're descended from monkeys or something. Your brain isn't designed for due-dates and deadlines and notifications. iPhones didn't even exist 20 years ago. How are you supposed to get all this stuff done when all you want to do is take a nap?

And while we're at it: why is it so much easier to get stuff done when that stuff is shopping?

Sometimes I can't take 5 minutes to make a phone call, but then I'll spend 3 hours trying to find the perfect air purifier on Amazon. (Shout out to the Brid, by the way.)

So here's what you want to do:

Stop putting due dates in your phone.

Seriously. Stop marking everything due today or trying to guess when you'll get it done. That's why your list is so full of overdue tasks all the time. I want you to try something else instead.

Go through ever task you've got, and put it in one of these buckets. (FYI, this is where procrastination starts working in your favor.)

Bucket 1: Next Year

Anything that you don't really need to do till like, at least next year, put it in there.

Whew! Got a few tasks you can push out a year? Nice. (If not, no worries. Keep going.)

Bucket 2: This Year

Anything you have to get done sometime this year, but totally not right away, toss it in here.

Bucket three:

Next 6 months. What can wait a few months? Toss it in here.

4: Next Month

5: This month.

6, 7, 8, 9: Next Week, This Week, Tomorrow, Today

How many tasks really needed to get done "today?" Not a lot, right? So relax. Do them if you need to. Otherwise, most of your tasks probably ended up sometime today, tomorrow, this week, or next week. A whole bunch are this month and next month. It's ok to procrastinate on next month's tasks. All you need to focus on is what you said was important now. It's this moment that matters. The rest can wait.

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