Balance your To-Do List

Control what's urgent.

What's next? What can wait?

The easiest way to organize your to do list, get stuff off your plate, and focus on what's important.


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Focus on priorities. Not arbitrary deadlines.

I bloody love this. Simple, nothing extraneous, clear and chill too. Down with the domination of deadlines!

- Neil

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"The biggest gripe I've had about other planners was having to know exactly when something was due. Most tasks aren't like that. You just need to know approximately when to do them."

- App Store Review, 2020

Need help? Follow the Get Started Guide.


Download Strongweek on the iOS App Store. Already using a planner app? Import your tasks.


Use the + button to add you first task. Give it a Time-Period like "next month."


Hit "save." Have a lot of overdue tasks? Look in "Today" then give them all new priorities.


Enable iOS Reminders Sync so you get access to repeat tasks, Siri, and notifications.


Optional: Add home screen widgets.


How Strongweek Works

Tasks work like this:

Lists work like this:


Simple Right?

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